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"Para o resto de vocês, por favor, não tenham medo. Se terminarem no Céu, ponto para vocês! Mas, se não... bem, me procurem. A única coisa que faz a Terra parecer um Inferno, ou o Inferno parecer um Inferno, é a expectativa de que deva ser um Paraíso. A Terra é a Terra. Morto é Morto."

Condenada, pg. 302. Chuck Palahniuk

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... :)

The Thrill Seeker likes procrastinating, as they enjoy the kick they get from working against a deadline. You feel that you thrive under pressure and you love the adrenaline you get from handing in work in the last possible minute.

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You should know better!

"Just because you want something and it makes you feel good doesn't mean it's good for you."

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Luna Lovegood [2]

You march to the beat of your own drum. Incredibly clever, you are able to look at things in a different perspective than others, giving you valuable insight. A bit of an introvert, you are comfortable in your own company. You know that being yourself is much more interesting than being someone else. 

 "Things we lose have a way of coming back to us in the end, if not always in the way we expect."